How to build your brand online - Web Groovers


How to build your brand online - Web Groovers


With increasing competition in business, online platforms have become the most important area to focus on. Every Business whether start-up or existing business gives more emphasize on digital platforms. There is no doubt how important it has become to focus on making an image of your brand on online platforms in-front of your customers. Branding is important because not only, it makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. Daily a new start-up is born and an old start-up is out of business. Branding helps your business to distinguish you from your competitors. Branding for a business has become more than just a logo or a slogan. Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognise and experience your business. So in this topic we will discuss about how to build your brand online. So let’s start with the topic :



  • Create a meaningful logo

Branding starts from logo designing. Create a meaningful logo which describes the nature of your business. Logo is something which appears everywhere on websites, business cards, social media accounts, proposals, certificates etc. So make sure to create a creative and meaningful logo which conveys a message to your audience.

  • Set your brand personality

Follow a consistent theme for your brand which will follow everywhere be it websites, social media platforms. Focus on theme and colour you choose for your brand or logo because colour plays an important role while branding. Colours helps in making an image in the minds of people.


Get to know your audience, understand who your customers are this allows you to be prevalent in their lives.

  • Research about audience

One of the most important strategy to build your brand is to know your audience. Research about the audience what they want, know them inside out, their gender, marital status, where they live, whom they follow, which social media platform they prefer, what they like and dislike. Etc. Based on your research start building strategies for your business.

  • Gain loyalty

Build a sense of trust for your brand among the audience so that customers keep coming back without any deals or promotions.

How to gain loyal Customers?

Customer will only trust reputed business with positive reviews, feedback’s and good customer support. So try to focus more on customer service, resolve their problems and ask for feedback’s. Work on customer experience.

Give us a chance to manage your online reputation. Visit Web Groovers.

  • Engage with audience

After building trust and loyalty the next thing come is relationship building, the only way to build relationship with your customer is interacting with them. You can connect with them on Social Media platform.

  • Consistent Messaging

Spend on email marketing. The more frequently a brand appears the more dominant and reliable it seems. Keep messaging them about new products, news related to your business, or any offers or discounts to make them remember your brand. Recent Surveys have proved that your existing customers are more likely to purchase a product or deal from you than a new customer.


After knowing your audience, make marketing strategies and social media strategies accordingly. Social Media strategies are one of the most important things while branding. Focusing on right Social media can help you to reach your targeted audience and at lowest cost. You don’t have to focus on every social media platform out there. Just use gathered data, analyze your audience and check out which platform is more preferred by your targeted audience. Choose 2-3 Platforms and make strategies for them like –

  • How will you post content – Choose a theme for your social media
  • At what time will you post
  • How frequent will you post
  • Which hash-tags are related to your niche
  • Finding out good influencers in your niche
  • Setting up promotion budget

Note : The most important things to keep in mind is to be creative, innovative and regular with your posting.

You can also check out our blog on Social media marketing tips where we have gathered some points you can focus on while creating your social media strategies for your business.


Ask your customers to give feedback’s, reviews and suggestions on social media platforms, and make sure that you reply to every comment whether positive or negative. Customer feedback’s and reviews help you to know where your brand is lacking and suggestions help to improve that particular area. Doing so will not only help you to know about new ideas but also portrays that you are concern about the quality of your product , services and customer satisfaction which is one the most crucial part of branding. It will also help you to measure customer satisfaction.


Filter your profile with Good bio, use high quality images, it is best to keep a professional look of your social media page. Try to ignore casual pictures. According to 90-9-1 Rule – 90% of people only view content, 9% edit the content and only 1% of people create content. Stand out from the crowd and be the 1%. It is better to have a website of your business with your brand name. Try to avoid using free websites and spend some bucks on creating your own website with your business name. Hire a developer if you don’t know how to create a website. Having your own website will increase your brand image and also help you to showcase your business more effectively and professionally.

We at Web Groovers also make attractive website with informative content for our clients to help them to stand out from the crowd.

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Content Marketing - Web Groovers


Content Marketing - Web Groovers


Have you ever noticed that how these corporates and big giants which are getting developed so fast than we can imagine connect with current and prospective customers? With how accessible the internet is today and the number of people who go online is still increasing,did you notice how often the digital gurus speak about the significance of content? Why are organisations putting so much emphasis on content marketing? Why is content writing one of the most influential Lead generation services? So in this topic we will discuss about importance and vital role that content marketing plays in today’s scenerio. So let’s start with our topic –


Imagine going to a place without really knowing the route that’s what exactly is content writing for the digital marketing.
Content marketing is a strategic plan to reach audience at an optimal cost of resources. It is the one that fulfills multiple objectives at an economical cost. It is content writing that helps to reach to a wide number of consumers, to spread awareness of a brand, anywhere and everywhere. It is that investment that can generate oodles of returns. There are a glut of options to invest in,but then,content writing is that one base which can literally prove to be the most ideal one.
You must be wondering by now that we’ve had enough idea of the key factor here that is the content, but what about the digital marketing for which content is a base? So let’s have a glance on that – Digital marketing is the marketing of the products or services using the digital technologies. We all are well aware about the fact of how technology is developing at so faster pace that till the time we start using the one, there’s the another one getting it’s shape in the market. And so with this, why not the marketing of products and services not get advanced? As a result of this advancement in technologies all around, digital marketing has not been left behind. No doubt, it is increasing day by day bringing about a lot of competitors in the market and so contributing in the growth of nation.
Lot of corporates, big firms are adopting various digital marketing methods and mediums to get an edge over their competitors and also to get success as an individual organisation in the market and hence earning a high brand image of their products and services.
With all these, one thing is transparent now and that is how content writing plays an important role in digital marketing acting as it’s back bone and enhances the brand image of the businesses. In this competitive era, it is not at all easy to attract consumers, but with the perfect content writing strategy, it is literally so easy to attract followers and encourage them to get back to sites keeping the blogs engaged. Content speaks before your product speaks and displays it’s quality. Content is the primary thing to which a follower approaches in order to get a brief idea of the products or services that one has to offer.
An ideal content marketing strategy can help thousands of followers to flood in to your site. Before opting for a particular good or service,what a prospective consumer do is a brief research about that product and the company’s site to check out how one product is better than the other and upto which level a consumer’s need is satisfied. In order to attain an optimum level of satisfaction, the prime thing consumer does is read the description. The quality of the description or content is something that has the ability to make a brand image but on the contrary, break it. It is the content which can showcase the way you deal in your products and services.
It doesn’t matter what strategy you adopt for digital marketing, if you’ve done the content writing perfect, more than half of the battle is conquered. Content always generates yield and can give you multiple benefits if done in a perfect way. The bottom line of a great content is that it has to be done in a manner that encourages your target consumers to be back on the site a one more time and that’s possible if it serves the interests of the target audience. In order to target the right audience,you need to analyze who exactly is your buyer? To get it done, analysis of audience is required. Number of aspects would have to be bought into consideration with respect to age, taste, cultural factors, social factors and many more.
To bring everything into a crux, Content marketing is that asset for digital marketing which can generate huge returns. It is the one which is going to build relationships of the business with it’s prospective consumers. One key thing that every business wants is to spread awareness about it’s brand and make each and everyone know about it’s products and services and to enhance it’s sales and no doubt, content marketing plays an ideal role in achieving that objective.

" Undoubtedly, content marketing is one of the most prior things a business should focus their attention to, business which don't give more emphasis on content does not stay longer in business. "

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Social Media Marketing Tips - Web Groovers


Social Media Marketing Tips - Web Groovers


With the rise of internet, technology and media, “social media” has open their wings to the unexpected heights. Now social media is not just limited to sharing and posting content. Social media has become huge form of marketing. For every business, it is very important to have social media strategy. Therefore, in this blog we are going to discuss important tips about social media marketing that will help every business, blogger, website designer, freelancer to grow in the market. In this topic we will discuss about social media marketing tips 2019 which can help you to make and enhance your social media strategies.



Make sure you post content regularly :

Posting content regularly on different social media platforms increase the engagement and reach of your social media account. You have to provide reason, why people will follow you. And that reason is your content.

“Content is the key”

What should I post ?

Everyone is busy in their life. Nobody has time to watch long videos and read long stories. Whatever you are posting must be specific, relevant and conspicuous enough to fetch someone’s focus to your brand. With changing era you must change with your content style. Simply writing content won’t help you to engage and attract reader’s. You must focus on creating  –

  • Infographics
  • Visual content
  • Short videos
  • Video advertisements
  • New Content


To promote your product and service, social media is one of the most potential platform. But how to promote social media stuff ?

Here are some technique to promote social media stuff –

  1. Influencer Marketing

There are number of people on social media who inspires/affect the activity of others, be it purchasing decisions, be it lifestyle, be it styling, way of living, thinking and other things as well. Audience follow and trust these influencers. That’s the reason we call them “influencer”. One can directly contact these influencer and ask them to become word of mouth for their product and service.

  1. Cross promotion

Generally it works for beginners. As it is free of cost and purely organic. It works as a barter system. We at Web Groovers call it “Digital Barter System”.

What is cross promotions ?

Cross promotion is a marketing technique in which you promote your brand using some other’s market and allows them to use your market for promoting their product and services. This will widen the reach for both the parties.

For example : Search for someone who have similar followers like you and in the same niche and ask him to promote your page on his page and you will do the same for  him. It will help both of you to increase your page visibility to more people at no cost.

Note : It is not necessary to contact people/page who are engage in the same niche, you can contact people/page who focus on other niche’s, but it is recommended to contact people/page who are in the same niche to get better results.


Before hosting contest, make sure you have active followers on social media platforms who will participate in the contest and actively promote the contest with their known ones. This will indirectly promote your brand in the market. Focusing on the customers, will increase the brand loyalty and build the trust among the network. The best way to connect with the network is sharing your customers experiences on your social media platforms. It is one of the greatest strategy for social media. Infact, biggest giants like Starbucks adopt these strategies.

Giveaways always works !!!!! everybody loves the word “free”. Giving free products or discounts on your product and services will definitely attracts the customers interest to your brand. Apart from this make sure, you do each and every thing to connect with the customers, be it replying, commenting and responding to their comments on your posts.

Why it is important to focus on customer’s experience ?

Customer experience is very essential. Every potential customer, before buying product and service checks the experiences that everybody had with your brand. According to the recent research, it has been notice that, business who is focusing more on customer experience would likely have more chances of growth.


Now let’s discuss tips for specific social media networks –

  • Go live

Live videos are growing rapidly. Audience prefer watching videos rather than reading posts. Going live with the network is an excellent way to increase engagement. Live videos can be used to introduce yourself, special announcement, sharing behind the scenes, etc

  • Promote with facebook ads

If you really want to grow your brand on facebook, invest in facebook advertisement. Facebook ads offer wide range of customization to promote specifically to the targeted audience in a particular geographical area. Facebook advertisement provide the highest return on investment (ROI).

  • Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is growing in the market. Work is automated. Machines are doing the jobs of human. Drones doing the delievery, digital wallet doing all cashless transactions. Similarly, chatbots are designed to respond to the customer enquiries. Chatbots are automated which saves lots of time and provide sense of immediacy and develops personal connection with the customer. In the coming years, you will listen about chatbots more frequently.


  • Hashtag strategy – Creating your hashtag is one of the best way to increase engagement. The best way to increase engagement on your hashtag is re-posting the post of your customer with your hashtag, so that customer will use more and more of your hashtag in their personal post in order to get featured on your brand page. Users can search your hashtags in order to access your post on instagram. Hashtags groups the particular topic related post, which makes it easy to search for a particular content. It will increase user generated content.
  • Interact with followers – By using instagram stories, going live once can easily interact with their followers and also try to develop engaging captions on your posts and stories. Different business asks questions, polls, host contests for their audience in order to keep engaging with their followers. This will help you to build trust and loyal followers.
  • Switch to business profile – If you are a business than it’s best to use business profile on Instagram. Switch  your personal profile to business profile. Update your bio with information about your business product and services and also place your website link to gather more traffic on your website. Instagram business account offers wide range of features where you can track data related to engagement , reach, likes, and you can also see when your followers are more active.  According to recent research more than 40% of website traffic comes from social media platforms.
  • Instagram paid promotions – Promote your page with Instagram paid promotions. Choose your best post or create a teaser of your brand and spend some bucks on that particular post to reach out more audience.

Note : The post which you are promoting should be conspicuous , which can attract more audience. A sponsored post get only few milliseconds to catch the attention of the user or get ignored in the crowd of other posts. So make sure the post is perfect image of your brand.

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SEO Tools - Web Groovers


SEO Tools - Web Groovers


One of the most important thing for an website is to increase its search engine ranking (SERP). Most of the people browse only in the top search results of the Google for any query. So it is very important for an website to rank on the first page of Google. Search Engine Optimization is a technique of increasing the visibility of your website on web results. In general, when the website appears in the search engines top results, it will more likely to receive more traffic. SEO tools helps in improving search engine results and creating better marketing strategies for your website. Using right SEO tools for your website can help in getting better results in Search Engines and make your work more easier for Search Engine Optimization. Here is a list of best SEO tools 2019 that you can try for your marketing needs such as link building, competitor research, keyword research, rank tracking etc. Different SEO Tools work for different purposes, choose the tool which best suites your SEO needs.



Google search console, gives you access to analyze your website in google page ranking. Being a seo tool, it allows you to know where the traffic is coming from and to make changes for better production. You can submit your website sitemaps in Google Search Console for better search crawling. Google has some more tools like Google Page Insights, Google Keyword Planner etc.

Google Search Console    Google Page Insights    Google Keyword Planner


Suggested by the most of the developers, ahref seo tool online is most nominated tool by the seo experts. It provide users with the site analysis feature. Ahref provide the different features like competitor analysis, determining backlink’s of different websites. It also tells you how your website is performing and on which part improvement is required. Ahref is one of the best SEO Tools for backlinks.

Ahref : Competitor Research Tools and SEO Backlink Checker


MOZ is the most recommended SEO tool. Moz seo tool is mostly known for its wide variety of features, be it website analysis, keyword recommendation, keyword research, backlinks analysis, etc. Moz software has other software as well for different seo requirement. For example, MOZcon which is used for advanced seo needs.

Moz : Seo Software, tools and resources for smart marketing


Semrush is one of the most recommended keyword research tools by marketers. Search engine optimization tool Semrush is one of the most usable seo tool. It gives you wide range of option to analyze your website and makes it seo friendly. It also gives you the whole analysis report of your website which makes it easy to understand your website performance.

SEMrush : service for competitors research and organic keyword analysis tool


KW Finder is a keyword finder for your seo needs. It helps in finding both short tale and long tale keyword. It also shows which keywords have lower level of competition and which have higher. KW FINDER route your website performance and trace the ranking of your website. KW Finder is also one of the suggested tool for keyword research by the most of the SEO experts.

KW Finder : Keyword Research and Analysis Tool


Majestic is easy one, i.e, one can easily use this software. Numbers of bloggers, marketers, prefer majestic because of its countless features. Majestic as the name says it works impressively to enhance your website performance. One of the main feature of majestic is keyword finder. You can easily track the top performing keywords for your website.

Majestic : Marketing Search Engine and SEO Backlink Checker


WooRank is one of the top seo tool to analyze your website. It gives you both free and paid services. WooRank help in recognizing  duplicacy of content, errors, and other sectors where your website is lacking and also gives you suggestions on how to fix those errors. WooRank is one of the best website analysis review tool. It provide overall SEO audit result of a website.

WooRank : Website Review Tool and SEO Checker


Spyfu is a seo software which provide both free and paid service. It is good to go for a premium service to take full advantage of any service.  By accessing to its premium features one can easily grow their website ranking. It provide the insight of different keywords which had been used in content. With the help of the report one can make changes accordingly and can work on that part which needs improvement.

Spyfu : Competitor keyword Research Tools forAdwords,  PPC and SEO


Raven is one of the most helpful seo tool as it provide complete audit report that view progress over a particular time period. Raven is automated and automatically removes and fix the seo errors. Raven also works as social media optimization tool. It helps in managing digital advertising of different platforms like bing, facebook, adwors, etc.

Raven : White label marketing reports and seo auditing tools


Netpeak Spider is your seo buddy. It helps in website auditing, finding seo errors, works on broken links, etc. the number of features of netpeak spider makes it a perfect pack of seo tool. Netpeak works on windows, mac, ios, and soon it will start working on linux as well. Seo experts advice to use netpeak software for everyday seo work.

Netpeak Spider : Your Personal SEO Crawler Software


Screaming frog is one of the powerful website crawler, which allows you to analyze your website. It provides end number of features like finding broken links, analyzing page title, generating xml sitemap, finding duplicacy of content, crawling java script  website, etc.

Screaming Frog : Seo Spider Tool and Website Crawler


As the name say, content bird is the blessing for content developers. According to recent study, content which is present on the website attracts more traffic. ” Content is the king “ . Content helps in increasing the online visibility of your website.

Content Bird : Content Marketing Software


MarketGoo is one of the most easy to use software. It offers different services like monitoring your competitor website, grow your traffic with the help of keywords. MarketGoo serves you 24*7, if you face any issue regarding seo.

MarketGoo : Easy SEO Tool for Small Businesses


Developed by the most famous digital marketer “ Neil Patel”. It is totally free of cost anybody can access it with help of ubersuggest, you can find the keyword for your website content. It gives you hundered of suggestion of phrases.

UberSuggest : Free Keyword Tool and Suggestions


AnswerThePublic is an awesome and very useful tool for your seo need. It gives you thousand of phrases, sentence, questions, for your targeted keywords. It helps in identifying a good topic or title and creating  seo friendly content for your website.

AnswerThePublic : Visual Keyword Research and Content Ideas Tool

These were some of the most recommended SEO Tools for marketers. These are the Best SEO Tool 2019 which can help you in improving your Search Engine Results. You don’t have to purchase all these tools nor you have to use all these tools for your SEO. You just have to find your SEO Needs and find which tool is suitable for your marketing and seo needs.

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