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How to build your brand online - Web Groovers


With increasing competition in business, online platforms have become the most important area to focus on. Every Business whether start-up or existing business gives more emphasize on digital platforms. There is no doubt how important it has become to focus on making an image of your brand on online platforms in-front of your customers. Branding is important because not only, it makes a memorable impression on consumers but it allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company. Daily a new start-up is born and an old start-up is out of business. Branding helps your business to distinguish you from your competitors. Branding for a business has become more than just a logo or a slogan. Branding is a way of identifying your business. It is how your customers recognise and experience your business. So in this topic we will discuss about how to build your brand online. So let’s start with the topic :



  • Create a meaningful logo

Branding starts from logo designing. Create a meaningful logo which describes the nature of your business. Logo is something which appears everywhere on websites, business cards, social media accounts, proposals, certificates etc. So make sure to create a creative and meaningful logo which conveys a message to your audience.

  • Set your brand personality

Follow a consistent theme for your brand which will follow everywhere be it websites, social media platforms. Focus on theme and colour you choose for your brand or logo because colour plays an important role while branding. Colours helps in making an image in the minds of people.


Get to know your audience, understand who your customers are this allows you to be prevalent in their lives.

  • Research about audience

One of the most important strategy to build your brand is to know your audience. Research about the audience what they want, know them inside out, their gender, marital status, where they live, whom they follow, which social media platform they prefer, what they like and dislike. Etc. Based on your research start building strategies for your business.

  • Gain loyalty

Build a sense of trust for your brand among the audience so that customers keep coming back without any deals or promotions.

How to gain loyal Customers?

Customer will only trust reputed business with positive reviews, feedback’s and good customer support. So try to focus more on customer service, resolve their problems and ask for feedback’s. Work on customer experience.

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  • Engage with audience

After building trust and loyalty the next thing come is relationship building, the only way to build relationship with your customer is interacting with them. You can connect with them on Social Media platform.

  • Consistent Messaging

Spend on email marketing. The more frequently a brand appears the more dominant and reliable it seems. Keep messaging them about new products, news related to your business, or any offers or discounts to make them remember your brand. Recent Surveys have proved that your existing customers are more likely to purchase a product or deal from you than a new customer.


After knowing your audience, make marketing strategies and social media strategies accordingly. Social Media strategies are one of the most important things while branding. Focusing on right Social media can help you to reach your targeted audience and at lowest cost. You don’t have to focus on every social media platform out there. Just use gathered data, analyze your audience and check out which platform is more preferred by your targeted audience. Choose 2-3 Platforms and make strategies for them like –

  • How will you post content – Choose a theme for your social media
  • At what time will you post
  • How frequent will you post
  • Which hash-tags are related to your niche
  • Finding out good influencers in your niche
  • Setting up promotion budget

Note : The most important things to keep in mind is to be creative, innovative and regular with your posting.

You can also check out our blog on Social media marketing tips where we have gathered some points you can focus on while creating your social media strategies for your business.


Ask your customers to give feedback’s, reviews and suggestions on social media platforms, and make sure that you reply to every comment whether positive or negative. Customer feedback’s and reviews help you to know where your brand is lacking and suggestions help to improve that particular area. Doing so will not only help you to know about new ideas but also portrays that you are concern about the quality of your product , services and customer satisfaction which is one the most crucial part of branding. It will also help you to measure customer satisfaction.


Filter your profile with Good bio, use high quality images, it is best to keep a professional look of your social media page. Try to ignore casual pictures. According to 90-9-1 Rule – 90% of people only view content, 9% edit the content and only 1% of people create content. Stand out from the crowd and be the 1%. It is better to have a website of your business with your brand name. Try to avoid using free websites and spend some bucks on creating your own website with your business name. Hire a developer if you don’t know how to create a website. Having your own website will increase your brand image and also help you to showcase your business more effectively and professionally.

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