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With the rise of internet, technology and media, “social media” has open their wings to the unexpected heights. Now social media is not just limited to sharing and posting content. Social media has become huge form of marketing. For every business, it is very important to have social media strategy. Therefore, in this blog we are going to discuss important tips about social media marketing that will help every business, blogger, website designer, freelancer to grow in the market. In this topic we will discuss about social media marketing tips 2019 which can help you to make and enhance your social media strategies.



Make sure you post content regularly :

Posting content regularly on different social media platforms increase the engagement and reach of your social media account. You have to provide reason, why people will follow you. And that reason is your content.

“Content is the key”

What should I post ?

Everyone is busy in their life. Nobody has time to watch long videos and read long stories. Whatever you are posting must be specific, relevant and conspicuous enough to fetch someone’s focus to your brand. With changing era you must change with your content style. Simply writing content won’t help you to engage and attract reader’s. You must focus on creating  –

  • Infographics
  • Visual content
  • Short videos
  • Video advertisements
  • New Content


To promote your product and service, social media is one of the most potential platform. But how to promote social media stuff ?

Here are some technique to promote social media stuff –

  1. Influencer Marketing

There are number of people on social media who inspires/affect the activity of others, be it purchasing decisions, be it lifestyle, be it styling, way of living, thinking and other things as well. Audience follow and trust these influencers. That’s the reason we call them “influencer”. One can directly contact these influencer and ask them to become word of mouth for their product and service.

  1. Cross promotion

Generally it works for beginners. As it is free of cost and purely organic. It works as a barter system. We at Web Groovers call it “Digital Barter System”.

What is cross promotions ?

Cross promotion is a marketing technique in which you promote your brand using some other’s market and allows them to use your market for promoting their product and services. This will widen the reach for both the parties.

For example : Search for someone who have similar followers like you and in the same niche and ask him to promote your page on his page and you will do the same for  him. It will help both of you to increase your page visibility to more people at no cost.

Note : It is not necessary to contact people/page who are engage in the same niche, you can contact people/page who focus on other niche’s, but it is recommended to contact people/page who are in the same niche to get better results.


Before hosting contest, make sure you have active followers on social media platforms who will participate in the contest and actively promote the contest with their known ones. This will indirectly promote your brand in the market. Focusing on the customers, will increase the brand loyalty and build the trust among the network. The best way to connect with the network is sharing your customers experiences on your social media platforms. It is one of the greatest strategy for social media. Infact, biggest giants like Starbucks adopt these strategies.

Giveaways always works !!!!! everybody loves the word “free”. Giving free products or discounts on your product and services will definitely attracts the customers interest to your brand. Apart from this make sure, you do each and every thing to connect with the customers, be it replying, commenting and responding to their comments on your posts.

Why it is important to focus on customer’s experience ?

Customer experience is very essential. Every potential customer, before buying product and service checks the experiences that everybody had with your brand. According to the recent research, it has been notice that, business who is focusing more on customer experience would likely have more chances of growth.


Now let’s discuss tips for specific social media networks –

  • Go live

Live videos are growing rapidly. Audience prefer watching videos rather than reading posts. Going live with the network is an excellent way to increase engagement. Live videos can be used to introduce yourself, special announcement, sharing behind the scenes, etc

  • Promote with facebook ads

If you really want to grow your brand on facebook, invest in facebook advertisement. Facebook ads offer wide range of customization to promote specifically to the targeted audience in a particular geographical area. Facebook advertisement provide the highest return on investment (ROI).

  • Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is growing in the market. Work is automated. Machines are doing the jobs of human. Drones doing the delievery, digital wallet doing all cashless transactions. Similarly, chatbots are designed to respond to the customer enquiries. Chatbots are automated which saves lots of time and provide sense of immediacy and develops personal connection with the customer. In the coming years, you will listen about chatbots more frequently.


  • Hashtag strategy – Creating your hashtag is one of the best way to increase engagement. The best way to increase engagement on your hashtag is re-posting the post of your customer with your hashtag, so that customer will use more and more of your hashtag in their personal post in order to get featured on your brand page. Users can search your hashtags in order to access your post on instagram. Hashtags groups the particular topic related post, which makes it easy to search for a particular content. It will increase user generated content.
  • Interact with followers – By using instagram stories, going live once can easily interact with their followers and also try to develop engaging captions on your posts and stories. Different business asks questions, polls, host contests for their audience in order to keep engaging with their followers. This will help you to build trust and loyal followers.
  • Switch to business profile – If you are a business than it’s best to use business profile on Instagram. Switch  your personal profile to business profile. Update your bio with information about your business product and services and also place your website link to gather more traffic on your website. Instagram business account offers wide range of features where you can track data related to engagement , reach, likes, and you can also see when your followers are more active.  According to recent research more than 40% of website traffic comes from social media platforms.
  • Instagram paid promotions – Promote your page with Instagram paid promotions. Choose your best post or create a teaser of your brand and spend some bucks on that particular post to reach out more audience.

Note : The post which you are promoting should be conspicuous , which can attract more audience. A sponsored post get only few milliseconds to catch the attention of the user or get ignored in the crowd of other posts. So make sure the post is perfect image of your brand.

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